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Current assets 
Cash and cash equivalents 12,1976,99115,91517,62825,916
Short-term investments 1,007NANANANA
Accounts receivable, net 18,98519,41519,69219,81519,638
Prepaid expenses and other current assets 2,0021,9072,4822,3502,243
Barter transactions 1,3771,3581,3471,2631,660
Deferred income taxes 9911,1698921,0251,013
Current assets of station held for sale NA120106NANA
Total current assets 36,55930,96040,43442,08150,470
Property and equipment NANANA158,762161,507
Less accumulated depreciation NANANA102,425105,203
Net property and equipment 65,56160,62258,46256,33756,304
Other assets 
Broadcast licenses, net 90,58490,35690,36188,46088,679
Other intangibles, deferred costs and investments, net 7,0995,4095,2866,3466,535
Total other assets 97,683NANANANA
Assets of station held for sale NA2,9872,787NANA
Total 199,803190,334197,330193,224201,988
Liabilities and stockholders' equity 
Current liabilities 
Accounts payable 1,6831,7282,2181,9621,573
Payroll and payroll taxes 5,5245,7306,3646,7006,021
Other accrued expenses 3,4602,5023,2442,7872,947
Barter transactions 1,6411,5501,4171,4751,747
Current portion of long-term debt 6,1213,00001,0785,000
Current liabilities of station held for sale NA128125NANA
Total current liabilities 18,42914,63813,36814,00217,288
Deferred income taxes 7,10513,38317,64620,57121,991
Long-term debt 89,95766,07858,82845,00041,078
Broadcast program rights 1,6461,080853NANA
Other liabilities 2,5881,9852,2793,9503,848
Liabilities of station held for sale NA195147NANA
Total liabilities 119,72597,35993,12183,52384,205
Commitments and contingencies 
Stockholders' equity 
Preferred stock 000NANA
Common stock 
Class A common stock 476464NANA
Class B common stock 688NANA
Commitments and contingencies 
Stockholders' equity 
Common stock NANANA7272
Additional paid-in capital 50,29850,66251,06151,45652,049
Retained earnings 58,20070,83181,74686,69393,909
Treasury stock (28,473)(28,590)(28,670)(28,520)(28,247)
Total stockholders' equity 80,07892,975104,209109,701117,783
Total 199,803190,334197,330193,224201,988

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