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Balance Sheet ($000)
2015 Q12014 Q1 Y-Y
Ch (%)
2014 Q4 Q-Q
Ch (%)
Cash and Cash Equivalents24,52123,3275.1217,907147.74
Current Assets47,51445,6024.1943,58736.04
Net PP&E54,55756,594(3.60)55,187(4.57)
Intangible Assets87,08888,641(1.75)87,494(1.86)
Total Assets195,548197,156(0.82)192,0447.30
Short-term and Current Long-term Debt000.0000.00
Current Liabilities14,25213,2047.9413,03337.41
Long-term Debt36,07846,078(21.70)36,0780.00
Total Liabilities78,65184,341(6.75)76,7999.65
Minority Interest and Mezzanine Equity000.0000.00
Total Capitalization, at Book Value152,975158,893(3.72)151,3234.37
Income Statement ($000)
2015 Q12014 Q1 Y-Y
Ch (%)
2014 Q4 Q-Q
Ch (%)
Telecommunications Service Revenue000.0000.00
Operating Revenue29,06129,423(1.23)36,371(80.39)
Cost of Revenue21,24421,372(0.60)23,930(44.90)
Reported Net Operating Income3,8144,323(11.77)7,712(202.18)
Recurring Earnings before Interest and Taxes3,8144,323(11.77)9,648(241.87)
Recurring EBITDA5,4035,968(9.47)11,393(210.30)
Net Income before Taxes3,5814,066(11.93)7,493(208.83)
Net Income before Extraordinary Items2,1312,439(12.63)4,443(208.15)
Net Income2,1312,439(12.63)4,443(208.15)
Cash Flow Statement Highlights
2015 Q12014 Q1 Y-Y
Ch (%)
2014 Q4 Q-Q
Ch (%)
Cash Flow from Operating Activities7,5877,838(3.20)4,445282.74
Cash Flow from Investing Activities(948)(2,139)(55.68)(55)6,494.55
Cash Flow from Financing Activities(25)0NM(14,523)(399.31)
Net Increase in Cash and Cash Equivalents6,6145,69916.06(10,133)NM
Recurring Levered Free Cash Flow2,7622,6105.826,368(226.51)
Balance Sheet Ratios (%)
2015 Q12014 Q1 Y-Y
Ch (bp)
2014 Q4 Q-Q
Ch (bp)
Debt/ Book Capitalization23.5829.00(18.67)23.84(4.32)
Debt/ Equity (x)0.310.41(24.44)0.31(5.65)
Equity/ Assets59.7857.224.4760.01(1.54)
Debt and Redeemable Preferred/ Equity (x)0.310.41(24.44)0.31(5.65)
Long-term Debt/ Book Capital23.5829.00(18.67)23.84(4.32)
Debt and Redeemable Preferred/ Book Capital23.5829.00(18.67)23.84(4.32)
Net Debt and Preferred/ Recurring EBITDA (x)0.691.07(35.87)0.34403.43
Income and Cash Flow Statement Ratios (%)
2015 Q12014 Q1 Y-Y
Ch (bp)
2014 Q4 Q-Q
Ch (bp)
Operating Revenue Growth(1.23)1.61NM7.73NM
Recurring EBITDA Growth(9.47)(9.05)4.5919.25NM
Recurring Levered FCF Growth5.82(18.82)NM18.76(275.84)
Net Income Growth(12.63)(17.29)(26.98)37.81NM
EPS Growth(14.29)(10.64)34.2935.71NM
EPS Growth after Extra(14.29)(17.65)(19.05)35.71NM
Dividend Payout Ratio55.560.00NM184.21(279.37)
Dividend Payout to Recurring Levered FCF42.220.00NM NM NM
Profitability Ratios (%)
2015 Q12014 Q1 Y-Y
Ch (bp)
2014 Q4 Q-Q
Ch (bp)
Return on Invested Capital6.216.85(64)16.95(1,074)
Recurring EBITDA Margin18.5920.28(169)31.32(1,273)
Recurring Levered FCF Margin9.508.876317.51(800)
Recurring Levered Free Cash Flow/ Recurring EBITDA51.1243.7373955.89(477)
Liquidity Ratios (x)
2015 Q12014 Q1 Y-Y
Ch (bp)
2014 Q4 Q-Q
Ch (bp)
Recurring EBITDA/ Interest Expense plus Pfd22.4221.94245.21(202)
Recurring Unlevered FCF/ Interest Expense12.4610.601826.27(210)
Cash Flow Coverage32.4829.82918.64297
Per Share Information ($)
2015 Q12014 Q1 Y-Y
Ch (%)
2014 Q4 Q-Q
Ch (%)
Common Shares Outstanding (actual)--NA5,800,000NA
Avg Diluted Shares (actual)5,762,0005,757,0000.095,757,0000.35
Book Value--NA19.87NA
Common Dividends Declared0.200.00NM1.40(342.86)
Basic EPS before Extra0.370.43(13.95)0.77(207.79)
Basic EPS after Extra0.370.43(13.95)0.77(207.79)
Diluted EPS before Extra0.360.42(14.29)0.76(210.53)
Diluted EPS after Extra0.360.42(14.29)0.76(210.53)
Recurring Levered FCF per Share0.470.454.491.13(231.65)
   Q-Q Ch(%)= most recent quarter minus prior quarter annualized e.g. [(Q4-Q3)/Q3]*4
  * Percentages presented for individual quarters are annualized by taking the quarter amount and multiplying by four.

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